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A stiff neck can be caused by anything from stress or sitting in a draught, to sleeping in an odd position or watching too many games of tennis. It is, literally, a complete pain in the neck and it makes the simplest task, such as reversing into a car parking space, a slow and excruciating torture. It also makes you realize how many times you move your head in a normal day. If you have children, you soon discover how much easier it is to nod a 'Yes' than it is to shake a 'No'!

A stiff neck is also one of the simplest ailments to cure and two things help tremendously heat and massage. So the best kind of neck massage uses lots of simple movements with plenty of warming repetitions, plus some deep kneading strokes to relax and release any areas with trapped nerves or muscle tension. This one not only does that, but it is also so simple that you can do it anywhere. As it is done with the sufferer sitting upright, you can even massage someone at work, while she leans forward onto her desk, fully clothed.

It brings instant relief, but stiff neck muscles do have a nasty habit of coming back during the night, so it is best to have a long soak in a warm, deep bath as soon after the massage (and before bed) as possible. Alternatively, at the end of the massage, rub a product containing menthol up the sides of the neck so that it warms the skin and muscles for some time afterwards.

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